We provide specialist pension advice to help people get to where they need to be when they reach their age of retirement.

  • Pension funds are more than just tax efficient saving for their future.
  • The primary focus of your pension fund should be to provide you with an income when you reach the age that you don’t wish to work anymore.
  • Therefore the earlier you start saving for your non working life and the more wisely you invest along the way the better.

Get a clear focus

  • Most people tend to lack a specific focus as to when they would like to retire or how much money they need to do so.
  • Our specialist Pension consultant team will work with you to establish how much money is needed to maintain your current lifestyle and subsequently how much is required to contribute each month.

How should you invest our pension savings?

  • People of different ages should invest their pension funds very differently.
  • Traditionally people invest retirement savings using managed funds to invest in the stock market. Because of the risk associated with this type of product people coming close to retirement should avoid having their funds invested in this way.
  • A good rule of thumb is that 10% of your funds should move into more secure type of investments each of the ten years prior to retirement hence reducing the risk of a stock market shock having a negative effect on your fund as you near your retirement age.