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Protecting your Family & Finances

We have extensive experience and a dedicated protection team helping people to understand and protect both themselves and their families financially.
  • When you take out a mortgage having Mortgage Protection is a requirement from all lenders and we will provide you with the best available rates in the market
  • A Mortgage Protection policy will be assigned to your lender and in the event of your death clear off the mortgage
  • When going directly to the banks they can often charge higher premiums and sell you cover that it not in line with your requirement. We could help you save on your existing cover as we pass on all discounts available to customers.
  • With more and more couples choosing to buy a property and move in together without getting married this can leave you open to CAT (Capital Acquisitions Tax) if one of you were to pass away. We can help protect you against this big and unexpected expense!
  • Most families do not have sufficient life cover in place and as a result would struggle greatly
  • Ideally you should be aiming to provide 10 x times salary for each working spouse
  • Stay at home parents should also be factored in as the cost of replacing childcare, cleaning, cooking and a taxi service for the kids can be far greater than anticipated and should be calculated as a salary to protect also
  • In a perfect world, the amount of life cover would be your annual salary over the remaining number of working years and this would be the sum to protect. At the end of the day missing this salary is the risk you need to protect against!
  • The most important asset we all have is our ability to earn an income to pay for all the essentials in life and treat ourselves now and then. Without the ability to earn where would it leave you?
  • Income Protection will provide you with up to 75% of your income (less state illness benefit) in the event that you are unable to work due to illness or injury. This is known as a living benefit as you yourself will be able to benefit from the cover.
  • On your income protection premiums you can claim tax relief at the marginal rate (20% or 40%)
  • When on claim your premiums are covered by the provider of your policy giving you one less expense to worry about
  • Income Protection will pay you until you are able to return to work or until the end of your policy
  • With Deferred Periods (Time out of work before payment) available in 4,8,13,26 & 52 weeks we can help tailor a policy to fit you and your financial needs

With the available tax relief and our promise to all our customers to pass on maximum available discounts income protection can be cheaper than you think. Contact us now for more information and a quote.

  • Another element in fully protecting you and your family against all possible outcomes is Serious Illness Cover. This cover will pay out a lump sum when you are diagnosed with a specified illness.
  • With cover available on over 70 illness’s and specific Cancer Only Cover also available for a lower cost you can help ensure the future for you and your family.
  • When you receive either a lump sum or partial payment you can choose how you spend the funds be it clearing or reducing your mortgage, funding further treatment or going on the dream family holiday the choice is yours.

Serious Illness Cover can help take the extra worry and stress out of an already life altering situation for you and your family. If you are unable to work or wish to have that financial security in place we are here to help.

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