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Whether you are taking out your mortgage or planning for the future we are able to help guide you through all the options on life cover. If you want a mortgage protection policy to cover your lenders requirements, a level term life policy to plan for the future of you and your family or even to replace the income you bring home to your family upon your death we are here to help.

With access to all the life companies in Ireland we guarantee you that we pass on all the available discounts to help you provide the most cover for you or your family at an affordable price. We understand that life cover can be expensive or you feel that it may not be needed at this point in your life however we can help you tailor your policy to suit your needs and set it up in a manner that allows you to re-assess what you have as you move through different periods of your life.

We offer:

Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness cover is considered a “living benefit” meaning it is a type of cover that you can benefit from yourself. If the worst case scenario arose and you were diagnosed with a serious illness this cover is there to help ease the burden and you and your family. Serious Illness cover pays out a tax free cash lump sum to you once you are diagnosed with a specified illness (heart attack, cancer, stroke).

In such a stressful time dealing with financial issues are the last thing you need when you want to focus on your recovery or treatment. With the lump sum payment you can choose how you wish to spend it be it on reducing the mortgage, clearing short term debt, funding treatment or however else you see fit.

If there is a particular illness you are looking to have covered we can always tailor your policy to suit you best and approach all providers on the market.

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