Income Protection

When it comes to protecting our most valuable asset we often say that we have home or car insurance in place already. Where would we be without the income that helps pay for this protection? Your ability to earn is your most valuable asset and without it everything else in your life will grind to a halt. Your income pays for your mortgage, utility bills, car and weekly shop.

Income protection can help you cover up to 75% of your income should you be unable to work due to illness or injury. Even if you already have sick pay benefits with your employer they may expire after a period of time and we can tailor your income protection to suit your needs.

We believe that income protection is one of the most important types of cover you can have and is the cornerstone of financially protecting yourself. An additional benefit to income protection is that tax relief is available of premiums paid. This not only helps to reduce the overall cost of the cover but shows how valuable the cover is with the government recognizing it’s importance.

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