Are you one of these KEY PEOPLE in your Business?

Someone who drives the business.

  • The people without whom your business would lose sales and profits.
  • Directors, Partners, Shareholders
  • Integral managers or key IT development specialists etc.


Types of Insurance you may need to think about.

  • A key person insurance policy for income protection will provide an income to the company whilst the key person is away,
  • Relevant Life Policy, similar to death in service as a non-taxable benefit for employees.
  • Shareholder Protection Insurance policy to provide monies to the remaining directors, shareholders or partners in order for them to buy out the share’s from the original owner.
  • Key person insurance, to cover business loan protection or investments into the company.


There are many advantages to you and your Company by ensuring the above Protection is in place – email me your if you would like to know more…

Reduce your Tax – Maximise your Tax Relief

  • Receive TAX RELIEF at your highest margin of relief on all Pension Contributions
  • Receive TAX RELIEF at your highest margin of relief on all Income Protection Contributions
  • Ensure all claims are made annually for Health Expenses, Medical Insurance Premiums, Charitable Donations and Home Carers Credit etc…
  • You can claim 4 years retrospectively with the Revenue. See for more info.

If you are unsure as to whether you have claimed all that you are entitled to – CONTACT me today at

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