Don’t leave it too late to make the most of your Tax Relief!

Is this your last chance to qualify for 41% Tax Relief on your Pension….? The programme for recovery includes a proposal to reduce marginal relief from 41% to 20% – and recent commentary continues to support… John Moran – Secretary General, Department of Finance – Conference 25th September 2012 “Secretary general of the Department of […]

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Is Your Business Protected?

Are you one of these KEY PEOPLE in your Business? Someone who drives the business. The people without whom your business would lose sales and profits. Directors, Partners, Shareholders Integral managers or key IT development specialists etc. Types of Insurance you may need to think about. A key person insurance policy for income protection will

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Is your Home Protected?

  Mortgage Protection is a legal requirement when taking out a mortgage It is assigned to a mortgage lender and will clear your mortgage in the event of death When did you last check your CURRENT Mortgage Protection Policy?  Rates Change! Do you have an Investment Property which may have fallen in value – if

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