Is Your Business Protected?

Are you one of these KEY PEOPLE in your Business?

Someone who drives the business.

  • The people without whom your business would lose sales and profits.
  • Directors, Partners, Shareholders
  • Integral managers or key IT development specialists etc.

Types of Insurance you may need to think about.

  • A key person insurance policy for income protection will provide an income to the company whilst the key person is away,
  • Relevant Life Policy, similar to death in service as a non-taxable benefit for employees.
  • Shareholder Protection Insurance policy to provide monies to the remaining directors, shareholders or partners in order for them to buy out the share’s from the original owner.
  • Key person insurance, to cover business loan protection or investments into the company.

There are many advantages to you and your Company by ensuring the above Protection is in place –email me your enquiry if you would like to know more…

Reduce your Tax – Maximise your Tax Relief


  • Receive TAX RELIEF at your highest margin of relief on all Pension Contributions
  • Receive TAX RELIEF at your highest margin of relief on all Income Protection Contributions
  • Ensure all claims are made annually for Health Expenses, Medical Insurance Premiums, Charitable Donations and Home Carers Credit etc…
  • You can claim 4 years retrospectively with the Revenue. See for more info.

If you are unsure as to whether you have claimed all that you are entitled to – CONTACT me today at

If you Retired tomorrow – how much of a PAY CUT will you suffer?


  • Almost 64% of Irish People have a Pension in place – are you in the remaining 36%?
  • 43% of WOMEN do NOT have a Pension in place at all
  • A third of Irish People who have a Pension only contribute between 6% – 10% of the salary annually.
  • Are you doing enough to provide YOU and your Family with enough income when you Retire?


(All stats quoted courtesy of Empathy Research on behalf of Friends First 2010) 


If you would like CLEAR and CONCISE information on the Pension options available to you – CONTACT me today or send your enquiry to and I’ll get back to you with a tailored Pension solution for you…

Do you have Serious Illness Cover in place – the “LIVING BENEFIT”?


  • Would you like a LUMP SUM payment in the event of one of 40 specified illnesses happening to you?
  • Would you like to receive a partial pay out of €15,000  in the event of being diagnosed with early stage Breast Cancer or Prostate Cancer?
  • Would you like to know that in the event of a Partial Pay out of €15,000 in the event of a further claim that you are still entitled to a FULL pay out if needed later?


Serious Illness Cover takes the financial worry of coping with a Serious Illness and not being able to work out of the equation – CONTACT me today if you would like to know more about this type of cover –

Have you protected your INCOME?


  • We all complain about not having it, not having enough of it and looking to earn more of it – yet we never stop and think about INSURING ourselves against losing it….
  • Income Protection will protect 75% of your income (less state benefits) in the event of Accident, Sickness or Injury
  • You will receive TAX RELIEF at your highest rate on premiums
  • You STOP paying your premiums once you start claiming on your policy
  • Income Protection pays out until you are able to return to work or the policy ends


Do you know how much it would cost to protect your income every pay day..?  If not Contact us now – and I’ll get back to you with the details.

Is your Home Protected?


  • Mortgage Protection is a legal requirement when taking out a mortgage
  • It is assigned to a mortgage lender and will clear your mortgage in the event of death
  • When did you last check your CURRENT Mortgage Protection Policy?  Rates Change!
  • Do you have an Investment Property which may have fallen in value – if so; you may need to top up your life cover. Interest Only mortgages leave all Capital Outstanding and if sold for less than you owe, could leave your family with a BIG bill to pay…


Mortgage Protection Policies are the cheapest forms of life cover available… Contact us today to receive the latest premiums available –

How much are you worth?


  • Did you know that most families do not have enough life cover in place.
  • Ideally you should be aiming to provide a minimum of 10 x Salary for each working spouse
  • If calculating for a Mum or stay home Dad – think about the true cost of replacing childcare, cleaning, cooking and taxi service to the kids to calculate an annual amount of equivalent “salary”.
  • In a perfect world, the amount of Life Cover would be your annual salary over the remaining number of working years that is the actual sum protected – after all – that is what is at risk in the event of death


Contact me NOW or send your email enquiry to if you would like to know how much your life cover premium would be? 

After all – Life Cover now has never been cheaper … and never more valuable….


We provide specialist pension advice to help people get to where they need to be when they reach their age of retirement.

  • Pension funds are more than just tax efficient saving for their future.
  • The primary focus of your pension fund should be to provide you with an income when you reach the age that you don’t wish to work anymore.
  • Therefore the earlier you start saving for your non working life and the more wisely you invest along the way the better.

Get a clear focus

  • Most people tend to lack a specific focus as to when they would like to retire or how much money they need to do so.
  • Our specialist Pension consultant team will work with you to establish how much money is needed to maintain your current lifestyle and subsequently how much is required to contribute each month.

How should you invest our pension savings?

  • People of different ages should invest their pension funds very differently.
  • Traditionally people invest retirement savings using managed funds to invest in the stock market. Because of the risk associated with this type of product people coming close to retirement should avoid having their funds invested in this way.
  • A good rule of thumb is that 10% of your funds should move into more secure type of investments each of the ten years prior to retirement hence reducing the risk of a stock market shock having a negative effect on your fund as you near your retirement age.


An independent “Whole of Market” status is more important than ever to offer the best combination of mortgage and protection products tailored to the individual.

Our mortgage options include:

Alnwick Financial Management Ltd charge a fee of £250, in addition to receiving commission. Alternatively, you may choose to pay 1% of the loan amount and we will refund any commission. For example, on a loan of £100,000 a fee of £1000 would be payable.

We will discuss this prior to application.


We offer an initial consultation by phone, email or in person without charge and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

What should I expect from my initial consultation?

We will talk about your future hopes, discuss your individual and wider needs and establish a picture of your finances. From here our consultants will undertake thorough research into the current market to find the best solutions in line with your personal circumstances and your attitude to risk.

What does it cost to use your services?

We are currently independent with no ties to any organisation so we can offer you the option of paying a fee for the advice we give or alternatively, the provider of any products you choose will provide a fully disclosed amount of remuneration to us.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact Alnwick Financial Management Ltd by phone, email or by calling in at our office in the heart of Alnwick.

Contact us now to arrange an appointment or to speak to one of our advisers.

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